The Challenges of our Church Today

Become a host for a trainig in your small group or church about the changes the world, the church and the mission had experienced and the response that is expected from us to approach these challenges.

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What is the role of the church during difficult times?

We long for the second coming of our lord to become a reality.  We long for His Kindgom to be fully established in the earth and all evil to finally come to an end.  The assurance that God is in control and that He will bring us back home amidst all the evil in this world, brings hope to our hearts and a renewed comfort, but at the same time it is an invitation to reflect about our role amidst these difficult times, because the end of the world , the second coming of Jesus Christ and the full establishment of His Kingdom point to the same moment in history.  This is what Matthew  24:3-14, is all about and what inspired the question asked by the disciples, the same question that unfolded one of the greatest speeches by Jesus about the missional vocation of the church during difficult times. 

How to be part?

Three simple steps

1. Contact a regional sponsor

Our sponsors are available with more information for you.

2. Set a date for the workshop in your church

Be a host in your local church setting a date and schedule for the event. 

3. Download and share the material.

Share the information with your local church with the notes of the workshop.