Our work is based on trust, because we understand that great teams need to be equipped and launched to put their potential and gifts to work. We encourage each team member to give their best for the Glory of God.

with the church
and the mission

Colaboramos con la iglesia local y agencias misioneras de campo para la movilización, entrenamiento y envío de obreros transculturales en formas que sean relevantes para la iglesia y la misión.

and innovation

We are opened to listening new ideas and new ways of doing things in order to be more effective in the task.  We innovate and make changes to be more effective and to move forward in the accomplishment of God´s Great Commission.


We value a leadership based in serving, decentrilized and shared between the church and the field, with the purpose of making the best possible decisions to facilitate the Gospel being preached in the whole world.

sustainability and

The ministry sustainability will come through donations and services. We aim for the sustainable financial development and we manage the donations with integrity and transparency.

Life and

Team work

We serve in multicultural, multilingual and multigenerational teams, valuing each member as a gift from God for this ministry.  We look after each other; appreciating the experience of the veterans and encouraging the newcomers to develop their full potential.