The beginning of a dream
A survey about the impact of the panamanian church in the missionary movement is started. The outcome shows that Panama is barely before last in the list of sending countries from Latin America.


National Missions Consultation
National christian leaders gather to discuss the results of the survey. PAAM is started as a response to the need of the panamanian church of getting actively involved in the missionary task.


Strategic Partnerships

The first cooperation agreements
PAAM is oficially founded to serve the panamanian churches and begins the process of partnering with denominations in Panama and with field international organizations focussed on pioneer missions and Bible translation.


The church moving

Equipping the leadership
Initiatives to get the church involved are put in place and the first crosscultural training efforts  begin.


Field experiences

Short term workers
A new era of cooperation and sending begins with the first short term trips to Latin America, Africa and Asia.


First Fruits

Long term workers
As a result of God´s movement, a new generation of crosscultural workers are sent to West Africa and Asia, to work among unreached people groups.


Organizational development

Developing a sustainable model
With the help of Wycliffe Global Alliance, Paam starts a process of development towards a  sustainable ministry with a long term impact.


New training models

Holistic training
In partenership with CultureBound, a new model of missionary training begins focussed in the personal and spiritual development and providing practical tools for an effective cross cultural ministry.


The impact in the communities

Global projects
The support of global projects related to Scripture in Use, literacy, kids programs and community development programs as a tool to show God´s love, get started.


PAAM Global

Ten years later and with the beginning of  PAAM USA, God has expanded the ministry and turned the dream into a bigger one. With more than 40 collaborators from different nationalities, we have started to witness God´s movement transforming lives and in the process He has been transforming our own lives as well.