Devotion – Mission – Transformation

Be part of a leadership training process that seeks to build competencies for the missional development of the church.  The main focuss is to return to the purpose and identity of the church as stated in the Bible to make an impact in the world.

Program Description

National and international

Come with your church!

What is The Road?

The Road to a Missional Church

“The Road to a Missional Church” is a program that seeks to equip the leadership in understanding that “the WHOLE church is called to bring the WHOLE Gospel into the WHOLE world.”

Through this program we invite the leadership into a reflection process about the nature and purpose of God for the church, equipping them to (1) Develop a missional VISION, (2) multiplying their missionary CAPACITY, and (3) propelling the COLLABORATION for the global impact of the church.


Equipping leaders
Strengthening the church
Transforming the world.

Through The Road,
we build knowledge together
while reflecting about the
paradigms that define
the church and its mission.

Through the Participatory Leadership seminars, we work with the KNOWLEDGE, the ATTITUDES and the ACTION of the people, with the purpose of developing competencies that may help them incorporate new paradigms for the development of missional churches.

Traditional approach   >   Missional approach

  • From a church centered mission to a Kingdom centered mission.
  • From and inward focus to an outward focus.
  • From the calling of a few to the vocational ministry of all.
  • From the development of pograms to the development of people.
  • From focussing in events to focussing in processes.
  • From a local mission to a ¨glo-cal¨ mission.

Why The

“The biggest challenge of the church is not how to bring more people into the building, but how to pull the people out of the building so that the church can have an impact in the world.”


Vission, capacity and synergy

We facilitate the modules for the Participatory Leadership Seminars, through regional events or through host churches committed to develop their church leadership.

FEATURED TOPIC: Missional Church

SEMINAR: ¨God´s mission model for all¨

Reflection process with the leaders about the nature and purpose of the church from a biblical perspective, based on the transformational discipleship.

Available modules

  • The Kingdom and the Church (2 hrs)
  • The Church and the mission (2 hrs)
  • Transformational discipleship (2 hrs)
  • Calling and Vocation  (2 hrs)
  • Ministry process  (8 horas)

FEATURED TOPIC: Global Mission

SEMINAR: ¨A borderless church¨

We help shape and strengthen teams and strategies for the missional involvement of the local church.

Available modules

  • The mobilization of the church (2 hrs)
  • Global impact teams (2 hrs)
  • Mobilizing from the Word of God (4 hrs)
  • Mobilizing from the world of God (4 hrs)
  • Mobilizing from the strategy of God (4 hrs)

FEATURED TOPIC: Strategic partnerships

SEMINAR: ¨The power of partnerships¨

We train the leaders and equip them with tools to develop strategic partnerships and to recruit, send and look after their missionaries in a cross cultural ministry.

Available modules

  • Biblical perspective of a partinership (2 hrs)
  • New paradigms in cooperation (2 hrs)
  • How to develop strategic partnerships (6hrs)
  • The process of sending missionaries (2hrs)
  • Member care for the missionary (4 hrs)

Participatory Leadership Seminars


Developing competencies in the leadership to bring about a change

When it comes to beliefs and convictions regarding the church and its divine purpose, we could say that practically every christian believes or at least is familiar with -The Great Commission-, right?  The question remains, why then 2/3 of the world population have very little or no access to the Gospel? Why have we failed in accomplishing the task that was given to us more than 2000 years ago?  Where are we failing? Is it our knowledge, our attitudes, our actions or may be the three of them together?

The participatory leadership seminars represent a great opportunity to grow in community as we build knowledge together while developing capacities that integrate knowledge, attitudes and actions to bring about the necessary changes  for a missional growth.  In order to approach each stage in the process, we will need to “listen, reflect and act.” These elements: knowledge, attitude and action, determine the response of the church towards the purpose of God for its existence.


Steps to participate

1. Get to know the program

Download the ‘Program guide’ or meet one of our regional representatives.

2. Train your leaders

Train your leaders on our regionals and international events, or schedule a training sesion for your church. 

3. Get your church involved

Use the available opportunities as well as the training and mentoring resources. 

4. Measure the progress

Use the assesments available to measure the missional progress of your church.