“To glorify God
while cooperating
with the church
in making disciples
of Christ among
the least reached
in the world”.


“To glorify God…”

We were called to live in and for the Glory of God.  His Glory is the result of His nature and character and His unbeatable greatness and power.  His Glory in this world is life and light  (IJohn 1:5, John 1:4-5, Isa. 60:19, Hab. 2:14, Rev. 21:23).
Apart from Him there is only death and darkness; and the most tangible and clear way of understanding His Glory is through Jesus.   We long to reflect His character and nature in everything we do, so that others may get to know the One who called us to live in Him and for Him.

“while cooperating with the church…”

The church is the missional community of the Kingdom of God (Mat.16:18-20) present in this world through those that have been transformed by putting their faith in Jesus. We acknowledge that the church has different expressions  (local churches, denominations, ministries, missionary agencies, etc) and that all of them are part of the Body of Christ, collaborating in different ways to make the Gospel known in the whole earth.

“in making disciples of Christ…”

We were called to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ, inviting others to come to Jesus, to His Word and to His Cross in order to be transformed and become instruments of transformation, that God can use to reach others.

“among the least reached in the world.”

We are committed to mobilize people, churches and resources to share the love of Christ to those who have less possibilities of hearing and responding to the Gospel: the least reached.