for God

We are disciples passionated about God–We affirm that being and making disciples of Jesus is the esence of the mission.  We follow and serve Him as a result of our passion for Him and we make every effort to live in a way that He may be known and glorified in everything and by everyone.

and availability
of the Scriptures

We are a ministry centered in Christ and the Scriptures – We are committed to obeying Christ and His Word and to make it available in every language so that everybody can have access to the Word in a way they can underestand it.

Dependency of
God in prayer

We are people of prayer – Prayer brings us to a place of dependency on God, reminding us that He is everything we need to sustain our lives and mission.


We are a community culturally and denominationally diverse – We enjoy unity in the most fundamental aspects of life and faith and grace in those that make us different, because we acknowledge that we are part of the the same Body of Christ.

with the Body
of Christ

We are partners in mission – We work in different levels of collaboration through networks, cooperation and partnerships, in order to be able to respond to the challenges of the mission.

Focuss in the
least reached

We are focussed on the least reached people groups – We are committed to bring the Gospel to those people groups in the world where there is few or no availability of the Gospel.