“Seen lives
and communities
transformed by bringing
the Gospel to the
least reached”.

¿How do we understand our vision?

“Seen lives and communities

  • A transformation in the people who live out their calling and service in the Kingdom of God.
  • A transformation in the people that are being reconciled with God among the unreached people groups.
  • A transformation in the least reached communities, while the Gospel permeates every sphere of society.
  • A transformation in the faith communities (local churches) as we walk with Jesus in His mission.

“by bringing the Gospel…”

The Gospel is  “good news” esentially about what Jesus Christ has done to reestablish our relationship with God and the resulting salvation.  We have been rescued from the eternal punishment that will come at the end of the story  (1 Ts.1:10), that is the wrath of God. Because of the sin, we are far from God and that separation is the cause of all the evil in the world. The reason for all misery in the world, has its roots in the fact that we are separated from God.  However, the “good news” of His coming, His death and resurrection offer forgiveness from our sins, salvation and eternal life.   The promise of His return gives us hope that God will reign forever and that we will be always with Him in His new Kingdom.

“to the least reached.”

The least reached are the ethnic groups in the world with less than  2% of biblical christians, where the availability of the Gospel, the number of workers serving or the growth in church planting movements is few or none.